40 Week Screen Acting

August 1 – September 15
Sundays @ 6-8pm

40 Week Screen Acting

Course Overview:

The most comprehensive part time professional young actor training in Australia.

We arm the aspiring young actor with the necessary tools to shape a professional career and walk into the casting room with confidence. Our students travel on a deep journey through mastering their connection to self and the truth of the moment in front of and behind the camera. We are committed to nurturing each students identity which promotes a lifetime of success and leadership.

“After working in New York for 12 months, I was inspired to create my own training ground which reflects excellence, professionalism and a comprehensive study of the craft. Sydney is known as the ‘go to’ city for national and international castings opportunities and I am proud of the trust we have developed between leading industry clients as well as the connections I have made in New York City and London. Students have scored positions throughout some of the most prestigious acting schools around the world, and others are making waves working as actors in major motion pictures and international television series. I love my job and look forward to welcoming your child to a brand new world.”

Course Outline:

Stage 1 – The Craft

We begin the year learning about the structure of storytelling and the origins of the craft through getting up on our feet and practicing. Before working within and learning about the camera frame, actors are taught how to use their whole instrument by connecting their bodies, their voice and impulse to the work. This original method of training is what differentiates us from the many ‘act within the tv frame only’ studios. Each week students learn how to analyse scenes, how to connect to their breath and how to tune into the other actor through performing scenes from famous plays, films and television series. They will begin to form positive working habits building them into brave, skilful and intelligent young actors. Students are also given tasks to challenge their minds and open their hearts each week and receive a copy of our ‘Unlimited Power Manual 2018’ – an inspiring 50 page goal setting and class companion written to accompany their weekly lessons. 

“This term also includes Alexander Technique Masterclass and class with ‘Natural Connections practitioner. “

Stage 2 -The Screen

Learning inside a professional casting studio, students will journey with leading coaches, explore scripts and be empowered to take risks through making the casting process their weekly habit. Camera geography, the casting process, film vs tv rhythms and self testing are just some added elements to this term and students will receive our ‘Young Actors Guide To Self Testing’ manual written by our head acting coach David Cuthbertson. A manual which explains how to set up, shoot, edit and download self tests from home. Each fortnight students will shoot on location throughout some of Sydney’s most iconic locations and upload their scenes to their online profile to showcase their journey to the world. This practical way of working gives each young actor the opportunity to build a disciplined and focused mindset while working under strict time constraints in a fun and inspiring environment. Students will learn how to connect to the truth and critique their own work giving them invaluable insight into reshaping old habits which no longer serve them.

“This term also includes scene analysis, film vs tv acting, the casting process, performance technique, emotional intelligence, tv commercials.”

Stage 3 – Pre Production

By now students have shaped their skills to understand what it takes to become professional young actors. Working on a full tv and film script students learn how to unlock the best performances when shooting out of sequence with limited direction and time. Armed with a newfound knowledge of the characters obligation in each scene, they will discover what it takes to fine tune their audition skills and learn how to effectively maintain presence on screen. This term includes working with guest accent / dialect coach to perfect connection to the voice and USA accent. Students will shoot scenes in a USA accent to build international connections and learn about their brand and where they fit within the industry. In this term, students are offered the exclusive opportunity to work with industry lecturers who have included leading casting directors, film directors and producers and who will share their invaluable knowledge and insight. In the past some students have impressed casting directors and have scored professional paid jobs on screen.

“This term includes working with guest accent / dialect coach to perfect connection to the voice and USA accent. Students will shoot scenes in a USA accent to build international connections.“ 

Stage 4 – Showcase

Throughout the Term 3 holiday break, students will be given the task to pair up and write a brief short film pitch. This script idea is pitched to the class and includes all of their newfound knowledge and storytelling skills. Students will learn about what it takes to plan, write and conceive a pre- production checklist to roll out a successful shoot. Over two full weekend day shoots, students will act, crew and shoot their short 10 minute film. This epic undertaking is not for the fainthearted. At the completion of the 4 term program students will showcase their yearly scenes, short films and perform live to industry guests and parents at our Young Actors Awards night.

$1000 / seat

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